Our Programs

Temporary Program

This program is for residents who want to stay for a few weeks or one to three months only. Residents are still required to participate in all the programs like everyone else. This program is for the individual that just needs a positive place to live for a short time until they can quickly get back on their feet. This could be a person who is transitioning between jobs or housing. This is not an overnight emergency shelter program. A resident who is in the “Temporary Program” does have the option to also stay longer by entering into the “Transformational Program” if they feel that they need to stay longer and benefit from the long term program.

Transformational Program

This is the program that most people who are staying at The Gospel TLC will be a part of. Residents will stay on average for 12-18 months or longer, depending on how long it takes them to reach their graduation goals. To truly benefit from this entire program you must be willing to commit to an average of 12-18 months or longer depending on how long it takes for you to achieve all your goals. That time will vary depending on the individual. This program isn’t so much time based, but goals based, but on average we are looking at 12-18 months. The four main goals that you will work on during this program will be:

  • Discipleship
  • Heart Transformation
  • Housing
  • Emlployment Skills
  • Life Skills

Transitional Program

This program is only available to the graduates of the “Transformational Program.” This program is meant to be a transitional period for the graduates of the “Transformational Program” until they are fully able to move out completely on their own. During this time, residents will work with our “Transitions Counselor” to make sure that each resident has secured a place of employment and positive housing in the community that they will be returning back to. Because this is the last program in the Gospel TLC, every graduate of our program will get a donated vehicle (as available).