What is a Christian-Based Treatment Center?

Unlike secular programs, because our treatment is Christ-centered, we believe that there is healing and victory over the sins of addiction and brokenness through the power of the Holy Spirit. Our methods and approaches are going to be based on and greatly influenced by the Christian faith, which is found in the Bible. This means that we will use scripture to guide our residents in individual, group and/or family counseling to overcome their struggles related to addiction and brokenness.

Can a person come to The Gospel TLC under the influence of a substance?

No. Every individual that wants to be a resident of our facility must already first be detoxed. Paramount at our facility is the safety of everyone. If an individual is currently under the influence of a substance, they may not be safe to themselves, our residents and staff. For this reason, we cannot allow anyone to use our facility to detox. They must already come having detoxed. Upon being accepted into the center, each resident will be given a urine analysis (UA). Throughout the program, our residents will be given random UAs as needed. There will be consequences if a resident fails to remain sober.

How long is the program?

Our residential-based program is 12-18 months or longer. Each person is unique and will come to our center with different strengths, but also struggles. It’s for this reason, that everyone’s ability to overcome their addiction and brokenness will vary in the length of time. We strongly discourage anyone from leaving earlier than the program time, for we feel that given the strong grip of addiction and brokenness, it takes a longer time to recover. It is for this reason that we are a long-term center. This means that a person must be willing to devote that amount of time for their heart transformation. If that will not be possible, we strongly discourage that person from entering into our program. It is our goal to transition our residents to successfully live back in their communities. They will continue to have challenges and for this reason we will continue to have our “Transition Specialist” work with them. Our services to our alumni’s will always be available until they feel they no longer need our assistance.

Do I have to be a Christian believer to be a resident of The Gospel TLC?

No, but because we are a Christ-centered facility, the core of our programming will be focused on having a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. If a person will be disrespectful and outspoken against our Christian beliefs, this faith-based center will not be an appropriate fit for that person. We are wanting our residents to either already be a Christian believer or are receptive and open to the Christian faith in their path to living a better life for Jesus.

Who can be a resident of the center?

Any person who is struggling to overcome addiction(s) or is experiencing brokenness in their life. These addictions can include drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography, etc. This person must not have any outstanding legal cases opened (unless they are referred by the courts), must not be facing a possible future incarceration (unless they are referred by the courts), no major health issues, etc. The Gospel TLC is a place for anyone who is serious to transforming their life around for Jesus. We are not a place for someone to just come and simply be enabled or grow old.

What is the governance of The Gospel TLC?

We are a non-profit, 501c3 that is governed by a board of directors. There is an executive director that oversees the entire day to day operation and all its staff and residents.

What kind of counseling will be provided to residents of the program?

We will have a variety of different counseling sessions available to the residents that will include: 1. Individual 2. Group 3. Family (if possible).

How can I help The Gospel TLC?

We encourage everyone to be praying for our ministry. If an individual or organization has the financial means to help out, we are always accepting these generous gifts. There are also volunteer opportunities available in our facility. If there are other donations that you can make, please talk to our staff.

Where is The Gospel TLC located?

We are still currently praying that God will open up a property somewhere in the country outside of Wausau that will allow us to do our Christian heart transformational program.

What happens after a resident leaves our program?

Before a resident leaves our facility, we will have helped them to overcome their addiction and brokenness so that they will transition successfully back into the community. Each resident will be working with a “Transition Counselor” so there can be case management so they can obtain the necessary employment and housing that will set them up for success. These transition services are also known as our “rope holder” services. These services will always be available to all our graduates as long as they feel that they need them.

Can a resident leave the program at any time?

For the most part, we want every resident to come to our program willingly. Because of that, they also have the choice at any time to leave our program if it’s not a good fit for them or for us. It’s for this reason, that before they enter the program, they must think very carefully about the time and heart commitment that is required of them in our program. If they leave, but decide to re-enter the program, there will be a process for them to come back into our program.

Will there be case management?

Yes, we will have a strategic plan involving a carefully planned case management of each resident from the time they step foot into our facility until they no longer need our services. These case managers will be individuals who have the heart and experience to truly help our residents to make a heart transformation.

What will the residents in the program be doing?

We believe that it’s important to keep our residents engaged in a variety of different positive activities. Activities will include, but are not limited to: Bible study, worship, Christian counseling, job skills training, life skills training, volunteering, physical fitness, outdoor adventure, etc. There will also be a daily schedule so the residents will have routine and order to their life.

Are you going to be funded by the government?

No, we will not be taking any government funds because there are many stipulations that comes with government monies. We want to be able to freely run our program as led by the Holy Spirit and not controlled by the government.