• 12/12/23
  • 12/13/23 (FILLED)
  • 12/14/23
  • 12/15/23

Pre-cooked & Dropped Off (Date & Time meal will be dropped off, between the hours of 9-5, ideally dropped off between 4:30-5 PM).


Cooked at the GTLC (Arrival time between 4-5 PM)

Things to know 

9 residents 

  • Food allergies:  Shellfish 
  • Dinner is served around 5pm
  • For the safety of our residents & volunteers we ask that no kids under the age of 18 be present.  

What to bring:

  • Main Dish - Ethnic cuisines such as Thai, Chinese, Israeli, Mexican, Hmong, Italian, ect. 
  • Side salad or vegetable
  • Optional Bread/Roll
  • Fruit/Dessert 
  • A gallon of milk is always helpful or juice

*This list is not all inclusive to what you can or should bring, just a general idea.